Director of Media & Watch Specialist for Watchbox 

As WatchBox’s Media Director and Watch Specialist, Tim is adept at forging emotional links between enthusiasts and timepieces. His work encompasses multimedia product showcases, collector community outreach, and regular product proficiency guidance for members of the sales team. As a devotee of watchmaking and its related business history, Tim prefers to view himself as a perpetual student.

In the space of six years, Tim has led the two WatchBox YouTube channels to amass over 300,000 subscribers, more than ninety million views, and in excess of 6,000 luxury watch videos. His studio and on-location productions include watch model profiles, collector spotlights, industry event reports, business profiles, and live broadcasts on topics in collecting. As an ambassador for WatchBox, Tim interacts directly with the company’s global base of clients, collectors, and enthusiasts on a daily basis.

Within his role as WatchBox’s leading watch specialist, Tim has worked directly with the watchmaking department to authenticate, date, identify, and survey watches or collections to be purchased or sold. His knowledge of product across the spectrum from vintage to contemporary serves as an ideal pillar of quality assurance alongside watchmaking’s artisanal expertise.

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Tim Mosso is a watch collector, writer, historian of modern watchmaking, and a voice for the global community of watch enthusiasts. Since 2013, Tim has written, recorded, and lectured on topics including general horology, engineering, the watch industry, and collecting.