Timmosso.com site updates for October 2022: more journal posts, photos, and podcasts

Greetings, web surfers! I’ve been too occupied on the video front to update Timmosso.com as often as I’d prefer, but I’m determined to get this journal back up to speed. The world doesn’t need another defunct blog, and that goes double for one that bears my name. Expect to see a regular series of shorts and updates on this page to recommission the journal. I can’t promise the kind of 1,500-2,000-word journalism that I’d offer in an ideal world, but even 300-600 words should suffice if the rate of updates soars. And yes, more photos will be added to this site’s photo page, and the second season of my podcast is set to roll soon.

Patek Philippe 5056P Annual Calendar: A Collector’s Summary

As a collector’s item, the Patek 5056 combines practicality, a versatile look, and the ineffable aura that rarity ensures. This is a watch that can be worn daily, discreetly, and on either a man or woman’s wrist. A collector’s only challenge will be to find the best example; all 5056Ps were delivered with an anthracite metallic sunburst dial clad with white gold Roman numerals. Early examples will feature tritium lume, and later examples will utilize Super LumiNova.

Despite overlapping somewhat – 2006 – with the era of caliber 324, it appears that predecessor caliber 315 was used exclusively in the 5056P. From a practical standpoint, both movements are similar; the only real difference is the 315’s slower 3Hz beat rate. The automatic caliber 315 generally shouldn’t require attention if worn daily. Power reserve ranges from 35 to 45 hours depending on whether the nocturnal calendar change stalls the watch with 10 hours or less of power reserve to go. Otherwise, expect over 40 hours of run time. The annual calendar requires resetting on the first day of March, hence the name “annual.”

Patek Philippe launched the first calendar system of this type in 1996, so it’s something of a house specialty. Although purely academic – factory service will intervene – the moon phase has an adjustment interval of once every 122 years. Since all examples of the 5056P were built prior to 2009, all movements feature the older Geneva Hallmark, a nostalgic signature of bienfacture dating back to the 1880s.

The Patek Philippe 5056P is the platinum 5036 that never existed. Watch collectors who demand rarity, practicality, wearable size, a first-class heritage, innovation, and significant upside should put the 5056P at the top of their shopping lists.